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Live Voting App

Instant, Anonymous, Live Voting made simple

Elevate your events from monologues to meaningful conversations, whether you're under the spotlight or behind a screen. It's more than an app; it's a movement towards inclusive, dynamic engagement.

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Revolutionize Engagement

Step into the future of audience interaction with LiveVotingApp. Experience the power of real-time feedback and inclusive participation in every setting - from boardrooms to classrooms, stages to virtual spaces.

Simplicity Meets Innovation

Embrace the ease of engagement without the hassle. LiveVotingApp brings you a seamless, user-friendly platform for instant audience connection - no downloads, no complications, just pure interaction.

Engagement for Every Setting

Whether it's a corporate brainstorm, an educational seminar, or an interactive event, LiveVotingApp is your partner in creating memorable, engaging experiences.

Inclusivity at the Forefront

With LiveVotingApp, every participant has a voice. Foster a safe space for feedback and ideas, where the quietest voices are heard as loudly as the most confident.

Real-Time, Real Impact

Make every decision count with immediate insights. Real-time feedback transforms your content, making every session a two-way dialogue, every event a dynamic interaction.

Key Features at a Glance

Instant setup. Anonymous voting. Real-time results. Versatile formats. Ideal for any setting. LiveVotingApp is not just an app; it’s a gateway to enhanced audience interaction.

Get ready to listen!

Get ready to highly engage with your audience. Give your audience a voice and let them be heard. Provide realtime feedback and let your audience be part of the conversation.

The Live Voting App

Crowd Software and Audience Participation

Live Voting App or ( LiveVotingApp ) allows for Audience Particpation in new exciting ways. You can use the Live Voting App as a classroom response system, audience participation system, a training tool, speakers or keynote speakers tool and more.

Use our technology to build deeper connections with your rooms, audiences and crowds. Create a digital space and offer live voting opportunities for people to join together. One of the devices, yours, would act as the host to create the live voting or poll questions. Like in a game show. Then what you do from your device affects the dozens, hundreds, even hundreds of thousands of devices of your audience to push them the poll questions and provide the live voting opportunity.

They can all be close together such as a school, volunteer organization, company, sporting event, music show, resturant, coffee house or pub. They can also be very distributed such as hundreds of people on a webinar, tele-conferene phone call, geographically challenged monthly meetings etc. You will have a uniquely powerful experince using our software to push your live voting in real time.

Use the real time voting app to make up and instantly ask multi choice and open ended anonymous questions of your audience. Hands down the best way to do live polling or audience polling in real time.


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